Our Projects

PILAP works to change policy and unfair laws. Our lawyers work to serve the public’s interest. We also engage in advocacy to drum up support for pressing issues that affect the public at large. Here are a few fronts that we are fighting on.

Education Petition

The Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP) has filed a petition in the Sindh High Court to direct the Sindh Government to provide free education to the over four million out-of-school children in Sindh within the next five years. Free education for children up to the age 16 is

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Population census delay

PILAP’s press release expressing strong disappointment at the population census delay was published in several newspapers. Following is the text of the press release that was sent out to various publications: KARACHI: The Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP) would like to express its strong disappointment at the news

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Taxpayers’ Money -ZAB Anniversary

In April 2016, PILAP called on the Sindh Government to reallocate the Rs. 25 Million earmarked to observe the Death Anniversary of Mr. Z.A. Bhutto (Shaheed) and use it for educating the children of Sindh in his memory. Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP) wrote to the Chief Minister

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Article 25A of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 states that all Pakistani citizens, aged between five and sixteen year have the right to free and compulsory education.

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Civil Aviation Authority

PILAP had been persistently pushing the Civil Aviation Authority to separate the roles of regulator and service provider.

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Access to Timely Justice

Access to Timely Justice is one of PILAP’s fundamental aims. By initiating a discourse with the Chief Ministers of Sindh and Punjab for a significant increase in the budget allocation

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Discharge of Untreated Waste Water into River Ravi

The Executive Committee of the Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan has filed a public interest writ petition before the Lahore High Court regarding the discharge of untreated wastewater into the River Ravi.

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Illegal SIMs

Much before the horrifying attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar, PILAP had approached Mr. Ahmed Chinoy, Chief CPLC in Karachi to work on strategies to control the proliferation of illegal SIMS

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