Child protection legislation in Pakistan is plentiful, complicated and ineffective. There isn’t one single legal definition for the age of a child set by the Federal Government and agreed upon by the Provinces in various child protection laws. This is despite Pakistan’s ratification of international conventions such as the United

The Government’s approach to education policy regarding the Single National Curriculum (SNC) is fundamentally anemic, and from a legislative perspective violates the 18th amendment’s devolution of authority on curriculum-planning to the Provinces. While the objective behind a Single National Curriculum for the entire country is to end “education apartheid”, the

Mine safety continues to be a lapse in public interest throughout Pakistan, tying into a broader issue of worker rights particularly with regards to regulation around worker safety. The recent rockslide at Mohmand Marble Mine in KPK Province that killed 22 people is Pakistan’s most recent mining disaster. Mining disasters

The Nature of The Issue: August 2020 saw massive flash flooding in Karachi, with 40 lives lost (Ahmed Ahsan, Unraveling the Urban Flood, Dawn, Sept 2020), streets inundated with dangerous, rapidly moving, deep water; landslides; collapsing houses and complete inundation of neighborhoods with stagnant water for days. Government officials made